unchanted 1&2&3&4 HD&Story

Check out this lasted photo of Uncharted 4 A thief's end....☝

This photo is related with the character of Nathan Drake, Victor Sully Sullivan,and More u can dowelord than Picture from clicking a long pass on that picture....

More relative photo

#Victor Sully Sullivan☝ best treasure hunter best fighter best shooter Best brain best Friend of Nathan drake he is in every uncharted games 1&2&3&4 with Nathan drake

Check this story out 👇

Figured I’d bring this up again. 👉I made this post a while ago, thought I’d repost it for the newer people. (The two or three that are here). I’m just kind of proud of this.

I’ve thought of a really cool idea for a new uncharted game and I just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts.

The game would start with all of the Drakes getting a tape in the mail. These tapes are from sully. Each one to Nathan, Elena, and Cassie point to one last journey that was completely unheard of by anyone else. A safe way to build a future for Cassie. But the tape…